Wedding Loan

Wedding Loan

Make no compromises on your special day. Choose a personal loan for marriage from and cherish your dream wedding!

Weddings can be a stressful affair, but with by your side, they do not have to be. Choose our affordable, instantly approved marriage loan and breeze your way through the perfect wedding of your dreams! Go ahead and apply online

Features And Benefits

  • All your invested premiums are completely secured. This means at the time of maturity of the plan you get the entire cash values of the policy accumulated during the term of your plan.
  • This is a flexible plan which gives you the ability to select the sum assured of your choice.
  • You can determine the sum assured by multiplying your annualized basic premium amount by the selected cover multiple (from 5 to 15) depending on your savings and insurance needs. For example, if your annual basic premium contribution is PKR 100,000 and you have selected a cover multiple of 10, your total sum assured would be 100,000 x 10 = 1,000,000.
  • The maximum sum assured that can be selected under Madknows Plan is PKR 3,000,000. If the life assured expires during the term of the plan, his/her beneficiaries will be entitled to the sum assured or the cash value of the policy, whichever is higher.
  • The range of cover multiples available to the policy holder varies with the age at the time of entry of the life assured.
  • Your contributions will be invested in the fund(s) of your choice (Meesaq, Managed, Capital Growth or Yaqeen Growth Fund) which are managed by expert investment managers and backed by premium financial securities, in order to ensure optimized returns with manageable risk exposure.

Our mission is to provide the best Wedding loan services.


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