Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Home insurance is same as property insurance and it covers all the losses and damages occur at individual’s house. Now a days, Pakistan is facing many crises in such condition everyone should need a proper security for its home and business. The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited is one of the best insurance company, providing best services for home insurance. UIC protect your dreams through home secure plan.

A home is where the heart is! In today’s supersonic world it’s a place to slow down, a heaven of warmth and love. Sadly in this uncertain age this sanctuary is increasingly exposed to man-made and natural hazards.

Despite all the precautions you may take, your home still remains vulnerable to robbery, natural disasters, freak weather conditions and fire among other risks. Rising costs of consumer durable and reconstruction renders it next to impossible to replace lost belongings.

UIC endeavors to cushion the financial impact of loss related to your home and its contents by offering a customized insurance program for your cherished home.


  1. Armed robbery, burglary and house breaking
  2. Earthquake
  3. Rain, Flood, Cyclone & Severe Storms
  4. Riot & Strike damage
  5. Acts of Malicious Persons
  6. Fire and Lightning
  7. Explosion
  8. Falling Aircraft and other Aerial Devices
  9. Water damage due to bust pipes
  10. Impact of Motor Vehicle
  11. Impact of falling trees
  12. Accidental loss breakage (glazing)
  13. Accidental damage to underground tanks
  14. Loss of Rent
    The Loss of Rent feature covers the loss of rental income or additional expense of renting substitute housing incase and insured peril renders your home uninhabitable. It’s is only applicable if building is covered under Home Secure Plan, up to 10% of Sum Insured for Building/\

Your Valuable

This unique insurance plan covers high value items including jewelry and cash. Jewelry needs special protection not just because of its high intrinsic value but because of the sentimental attachment. Women so often have with their ornaments. Accordingly Home Secure Plan is designed to cover jewelry in the following situation:

At Home
In a Specified Safe Deposit Locker
In Transit between Home and Locker (and vise versa)
Even while worn by Insured or Spouse in event of robbery, upto 25% of Total Value of Jewelry.

Our mission is to provide the best Home insurance services

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