Health Insurance

Health Insurance

You can never be too sure about what lies ahead, especially when it comes to your health or to the well-being of your loved ones. In today’s age advancements in medical and health science are occurring at an unprecedented pace making possible what once was only a dream. This however has come at a cost as medical expenses are also on the rise making vital procedures and even general care at a reputable hospital unaffordable for the general population. In order to counter this, Jubilee Life Insurance brings you affordable and essential health plans that enable you to receive top of the line health care without having to worry about financing it.

In order to provide you, our valued customers with the best of its kind support during the times when it is most required, Life offers you – an attractive Health Insurance Plan called Health Shield, that provides you financial support and assistance in case you or your family members have had a medical emergency but also provides various additional built in benefits such as inclusion of Pre-existing conditions cementing further that Life cares for you and your family

Features and Benefits

  • Unmatchable Inpatient Hospitalization Benefit to the insured
  • Applicability of pre-existing conditions coverage
  • 24/7/365 days round the clock service
  • Accessible in all major hospitals across Pakistan
  • The Product provides Inpatient Hospitalization Benefit to the Insured. Benefit limits are given below.

Our mission is to provide the best Health insurance services

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