Disability Insurance

What’s Disability Coverage? Definition And The Way It Protects You

As its name indicates, incapacity insurance is a form of coverage product that provides profits inside the event that a policyholder is avoided from working and incomes an profits because of a disability. Inside the america, people can attain incapacity insurance from the government thru the social protection device. They also can buy disability insurance from non-public insurers.

How Disability Insurance Works

Oftentimes, insurance products will protect against a specific loss, such as when a property and casualty insurance plan reimburses the policyholder for the value of stolen property. However, in the case of disability insurance, this compensation relates to the lost income caused by a disability.


For example, if a worker earned $50,000 per year prior to becoming disabled, and if their disability prevents them from continuing to work, their disability insurance would compensate them for a portion of their lost income provided that they qualify. In this sense, disability insurance essentially covers the opportunity cost of the now-disabled worker.


In practice, there are many conditions that a policyholder must satisfy in order to receive these payments. This is particularly true in regard to the U.S. Social Security System. To qualify for government-sponsored disability insurance, applicants must prove that their disability is so severe that it prevents them from engaging in any type of meaningful work at all.


By contrast, some private plans only require the applicant to demonstrate that they can no longer continue in the same line of work that they were previously engaged in. The Social Security System also requires applicants to demonstrate that their disability is expected to last for at least 12 months or that it is expected to result in death.


  • Disability insurance is a type of insurance protecting against loss of income due to disability.
  • Disability insurance is available through both public and private programs.
  • Some of the variables affecting the cost of disability insurance include the strictness of requirements for qualifying under the plans; the amount of income to be replaced; the length of time in which benefits are paid; the medical history; and the length of time policyholders must wait before beginning to collect those benefits.

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